How To fish in Hawaii.

Here in Hawaii our fisheries are unique in the world. We have a combination of fresh Lava rock shores, jagged reefs, sand, waves and wind, that is different from just about anywhere else on the planet. Add to this that Hawaii has some of the hardest fighting, and largest, reef fish in the world, and you have a place that is both difficult, and rewarding to fish at. Methods have been developed and perfected here in Hawaii to best utilize fishing equipment, and to take advantage of what otherwise would be seen as places impossible to productively fish. In the following pages and videos we lay out some of the best ways to fish here in Hawaii, and help to teach you, how to fish in Hawaii. Please remember, if you are going to fish in Hawaii, be respectful, use barbless hooks, and release the large brooding fish so that we can all have more fish in the future.


Hawaii FIshing Method 1 - Whipping

By far the most popular, and in my opinion fun, ways to fish here in Hawaii is locally called Whipping. Whipping is in essence using what some may know as a modified Carolina rig, here called a whipping rig, to cast out from shore and retrieve a lure, typically a soft bodied grub of some kind. While in other places people use this rig to fish the bottom, this rig is almost always used here for medium to top water fishing, as in most places in Hawaii a slow retrieval of this rig will cause snags on the reef, which will likely be impossible to retrieve without diving. Similar to this rig is a bobber rig, which uses close to the same set up as a whipping rig with the replacement of a lead weight for a bobber. This is used for more static bait fishing or very slow retrievals of a lure. Below is a video showing the set up of both a whipping rig, and a bobber rig. 

Hawaii FIshing Method 2 - Dunking

A second and also very popular way to fish in Hawaii is called Dunking. Dunking is a more sedentary type of fishing when compared to whipping. The essence of dunking is the dunking rig, some times called outside of Hawaii a Three-Way Break Away Rig. The Rig is simple but effective. A main line is tied to a three way swivel, which is tied off to a lead and a hook respectively. An important detail with this rig is that the lead line, the line from the three way swivel to the lead, is always a weaker test than both the hook line and the main line. This allows the rig to be retrieved from the water with the confidence that your hook line will be breaking far after your lead line in the event of a fish hooking up, and your lead being stuck in the reef or rocks. Bait, either live or dead, is used on the hook, and allowed to sit in the water column until a fish bites. Below is a video on how to set up a dunking rig. You will find us using a dunking rig in many of our other videos, often accompanied by whipping while the dunk is sitting in the water.